Pay Contractors With a Credit Card

Plastiq will send payment to your contractor for a simple 2.5% fee

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  • visa
  • mastercard
  • discover
  • jcb
  • diners-club

Plastiq is bill pay with benefits

We make it possible for people to use a credit card for virtually any expense, even ones like payments to building contractors, plumbers, roofers and electricitions, which normally require a check. Your vendor doesn't need a Plastiq account to get paid on projects. With Plastiq, it's easier to:

  • Earn reward points towards that dream vacation.
  • Rest assured knowing your payments are secure.
  • Access easy credit for life’s most important payments.

How It Works

Tell us who you want to pay

Create an account then enter recipient information, payment amount, and a card you’d like to use.

Plastiq charges your card

Plastiq accepts all major credit cards and charges 2.5% or less per transaction.

Recipient receives payment

Your recipient receives their check or bank transfer, without needing to sign up with Plastiq.

Learn More

For when cards aren’t accepted1

Pay Your

  • Auto Leases
  • Auto Purchase
  • Business Services
  • Club Fees
  • Mortgage
  • Contractors
  • Employees
  • Freelancers
  • Insurance
  • Legal Services
  • Rent/ Lease
  • Tuition
  • Taxes
  • Utilities
Plastiq Fee

Lower your fee when you refer others to Plastiq.

Let Plastiq pay for itself

To offer this service, Plastiq charges a 2.5% fee. Here’s why it works out for our customers.

  • +2.00%
    Cash Back

    Many cards offer 2% cash back or points on every purchase.

  • +0.66%
    Savings On Debt

    Avoid costly loans (even the best ones cost 7-8% annually) - or earn interest on increased cash flow.

  • +0.75%
    Business Tax Deduction

    The Plastiq fee can be classified as a business expense on tax returns.

  • +2.00%
    Early Pay Discount

    Negotiate better payment terms from your vendors when you pay early.

  • 5.41% Potential Net Benefit

    Gain additional value with extra cash on hand and Plastiq referrals.

Convenience, guaranteed

No need to write and send paper checks.

Easily schedule and track future & recurring payments.

Pay essentially any vendor, even if they don’t accept cards.

Guaranteed on-time delivery – or we pay your late fees.

Now it’s your turn

Smart cardholders trust Plastiq to grow their business.

A rating by the Better Business Bureau

Bank grade security with advanced encryption

Trusted by over 1,000,000 customers

Billions in payments made globally

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